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Nutrition, Body & Mind With Kelvin Bremner

Kelvin Bremner

Nutrition, fitness & fat loss for Women Business Owners. You've tried it all, so did I. Dieting, slimming clubs, all the "get shredded" gym plans available. You might get some results, for a while. But time after time the weight comes back, the diet goes out the window and you are back in that rut once again. It's not your fault and it doesn't need to be that way at all. I've been there and done it all. Now I coach successful women who run their business or company, juggle the every day stuff that home or family life throws at them, but the health aspect just isn't quite working. I'm Kelvin Bremner, founder of The Collective, the transformational health coaching group - Unearthing Mind & Body Confidence Within Female Business Owners. Find our more at